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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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Heralded as the single greatest game of all time upon its release, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is easily the crown jewel of the Nintendo 64 library. Link’s move to 3D allowed him to climb, jump, swim and crawl across every environment, allowing for an unprecedented level of immersion and exploration. The game’s awesome Z-targeting system could transform any battle into a heated, cinematic duel. And it’s a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, is still a perfect companion to every realm you explore. From your initial investigation within the depths of the dying Great Deku Tree, to your final showdown with Ganon , there is never a moment of this game that feels anything short of epic. Ocarina of Time is the single greatest story Nintendo has ever told. It’s a tale of Gods and Champions, locked in an eternal struggle across time. It’s the story of one boy’s journey to become a legendary hero. It’s a timeless masterpiece that gamers the world over keep revisiting to this day. More than any game ever created, there is a sort of wanderlust that brings players back to rediscover the wonders of Hyrule, take up the Master Sword, and become the Hero of Time once more. It’s a call to the N64’s greatest adventure. Now, the only question is: will you answer it?

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