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Mario Party


You know what they say- there ain't no party like a Mario Party 'cuz a Mario Party don't stop until at least two people want blood over stolen stars, everyone has blisters from frantic joystick rotation, and all sense of friendship has eroded! But, hey! Don’t hate the players, LOVE THE GAME! Leave it to the mad geniuses at Nintendo to take all of the fun and frustration of traditional board games and upgrade it into the digital age. Mario Party is a little like Monopoly, if every space made you draw the “Go to Jail” card. It rewards resource management and successfully circumnavigating each of its 8 unique boards, while simultaneously encouraging you to shove everyone else under the busload of over 50 mini-games that occur between turns. Winning will require a lot more than just lucky rolls of the dice. Mario Party is all about survival of the fittest. It’s like the Hunger Games, but with cheerier music. So grab your controller, and fight to be the last one standing in this game of treachery and deceit. All’s fair in Mario Party and War. So, grab whatever family and friends you haven’t already lost to the N64’s most cutthroat title, and let games begin.

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