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Pokémon Adult Eevee Accessory Kit

Pokémon Adult Eevee Accessory Kit

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A Sight For Bulbasaur Eyes

Your dreams of being the number one Pokémon trainer may have gone out the window. It’s hard to catch and train creatures that don’t exist in this reality. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t be number one.

Be the number one Pokémon in the Pokédex when you go out as everyone’s favorite seed Pokémon, Bulbasaur! There’s no need to buy a full costume either. We can make it super easy for you to transform yourself into this adorable grass-dwelling creature. All you need to do is grab this handy Bulbasaur Accessory Kit.

Product Details

This kit comes with a hat and a bulb. The hat has Bulbasaur’s facial features embroidered on the front as well as its two pointy ears attached to the top of it. The bulb looks just like what you see on Bulbasaur’s back, a lush green bulb waiting to bloom into a beautiful plant. Find a shirt or top that matches the teal/turquoise color of Bulbasaur’s skin and toss on the rest of this kit. Then your costume will be complete!

Whether you or your kid would like to bring this video game/anime creature to life on Halloween, this Pokémon accessory kit makes it easy.

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