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Pokémon Snap


t's time to catch ‘em all, on film that is! Pokemon Snap is one of the most unique spinoff games ever made. It took the captivating world of Pokemon, and allowed you to explore it in an incredibly immersive, 3D experience. Snap completely subverted the series’ formula, by putting you on a fantastic National Geographic photo-shoot, through seven breath-taking worlds. It was far from your usual nail-biting gaming action, and that’s exactly why it remains such a classic. It’s a game about exploration, observation, and just chillaxing with all the incredible creatures you’d come to love from the original Gameboy titles. Also, it allowed you to just rapid-fire pummel Pikachu in its smug face with about a million pester balls. That was also extremely cathartic...if you were into that sort of thing. Original Nintendo 64 game cartridge only.

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